It is so reassuring to realize that these counselors truly care about you and are committed to helping you succeed! No matter how difficult a session might be, I leave feeling empowered, encouraged, and loved. When my son started having some issues, I set him up with another one of the RLC counselors. He can’t stop talking about how helpful and kind she is. These counselors care not only about the success of the individual, but the family as a whole.

Trish R

My counselor is professional and has both strong clinical skills and a Biblical worldview. She prays for me and with me and has helped me grow and understand my true identity.

Lisa S.

My counselor has been such an important part of supporting me in my emotional and spiritual growth. I love the environment at Redeemed Life Counseling and when I walk in the waiting room I immediately feel welcome and at peace. I feel blessed to have found a counselor that is kind, caring and skilled.

Teresa B.

We have been so pleased with the RLC counselor our teenage daughter has worked with for the past months. She really understands the struggles of today’s adolescents and my daughter looks forward to every session. As parents we trust the guidance her counselor gives and are thankful for the way she works with us as well to strengthen our relationship with our daughter.

Beth T

I am so thankful for this place! I had a fear of sitting across from a stranger and letting out my issues, but they were so understanding and put me at such ease and so easy to talk to. I am getting the help I need. I just wish I had started earlier. Thank You RLC!

Michael R.

My 5th grader was being bullied at school and having chronic anxiety. Sherry at RLC helped him so much and helped me as well. I now know how to help him deal with his anxiety and the coping skills he's learned are helping him immensely! I am looking forward to the workshops and groups being offered by Sherry this summer, I know they will help us both learn even more!

Amber C.

I have been seeing therapists for years to deal with trauma from my childhood. Coming to RLC and seeing a therapist trained in EMDR has changed my life! I have found more freedom and healing in the past few months of EMDR therapy than I have received with years of traditional talk therapy. I am so thankful to have a highly trained therapist who introduced me to EMDR and who walked me through my trauma in such a compassionate way.

Lisa G.

Years ago, before mental health care was trendy I found myself in Michelle's office upon recommendation of a friend to deal with trauma related issues. With new skill sets, EMDR, study of family of origin, the recommendation of an intensive therapy stay and group therapy with Michelle I am now present in my life. I can experience life fully and have healthy skill sets to deal with whatever comes my way. In addition, my husband and teenage children have joined me in the mental health care journey. My children have learned there is no shame in reaching out to a professional for the challenges life brings. I will forever be thankful that therapy is viewed as brave in our home and never a sign of weakness.

Deborah H

Any Questions?

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